The following staffing industry trends stem from the performance, strategies, and expectations of 1,256 agency recruiting professionals throughout 2015. Based on our survey results, firms of all sizes will be lending their focus to three key factors in the coming year.

Reliance on repeat customers is becoming a resounding wake-up call for staffing firms. They need new clients and need to reach more candidates, but in order to do so, these firms first need to get their brands out there. Social media and online professional networks like LinkedIn will continue to be popular channels for promoting business, but staffing firms will need to up the ante if they want to rise above their competition.

  • Many staffing firms today rely on a recruitment CRM to effectively manage
  • Many staffing firms also use integrated systems like applicant tracking software
  • An ATS tracks applicant activity to ensure placement quantity

Most staffing firms today are not utilizing recruiter software to its utmost advantage, but that just makes this technology an even greater opportunity in 2016. The introduction of recruitment analytics software can provide great business insights for staffing agencies.

With reporting on placement activity, job orders, candidate touches, and sourcing effectiveness, staffing firms can better manage.

According to survey results, 80 percent of staffing agencies reported that they could not perform their work efficiently without CRM software or an applicant tracking system in place.

01 Jun 2016


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