Good service is vital to the success of any tourism business, and the first step to improving service quality is to make it a priority. Incorporating service quality into every part of your business Рfrom your overall vision and strategy, to practical aspects like staff training, customer service and workplace systems and procedures Рwill keep your business competitive and help it to grow.

A business with high service quality will meet customer needs whilst remaining economically competitive. Improved service quality may increase economic competitiveness. This aim may be achieved by understanding and improving operational processes; identifying problems quickly and systematically; establishing valid and reliable service performance measures and measuring customer satisfaction and other performance outcomes.

  • Service quality(SQ) is a comparison of expectations (E) about a service with performance (P)
  • Service quality is an achievement in customer service
  • It reflects at each service encounter

For example, in the case of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, wherein TAJ remaining the old world, luxury brand in the five-star category, the umbrella branding was diluting the image of the TAJ brand because although the different hotels such as Vivanta by Taj- the four star category, Gateway in the three star category and Ginger the two star economy brand, were positioned and categorised differently, customers still expected high quality of Taj.

The measurement of subjective aspects of customer service depends on the conformity of the expected benefit with the perceived result

While there are general principles of good customer service, tourism businesses can serve a diverse range of customers from all over the world whose needs may vary. Having a detailed understanding of who your customers are will help you identify their needs and develop ways to improve customer service standards for your business.

15 Jul 2016


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