Covid 19 Clause in Rent Agreement

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every aspect of our lives, landlords and tenants are understandably concerned about the impact it may have on their rental agreements. Many property owners and renters are turning to lawyers to help them draft a COVID-19 clause into their rental agreements.

So, what is a COVID-19 clause in a rental agreement? It is essentially an addendum that addresses the effects of the pandemic on the landlord-tenant relationship. It sets out the rights and obligations of the parties in the event that either party is affected by COVID-19.

One of the most important aspects of a COVID-19 clause is how it addresses rent payments. Many tenants are struggling financially due to COVID-19 related job losses or reductions in work hours, which can make it difficult to keep up with rent payments. A COVID-19 clause can provide options for tenants, such as allowing them to defer rent payments for a certain period of time or reducing the rent charged during the pandemic.

Landlords are also affected by COVID-19. They may be struggling to pay for necessary repairs or to maintain their properties due to decreased rental income. A COVID-19 clause can outline how landlords can address these issues, such as allowing them to defer maintenance or repair costs during the pandemic.

Another key component of a COVID-19 clause is how it addresses eviction. Many states have issued moratoriums on evictions during the pandemic, but these protections are not universal. A COVID-19 clause can provide protections for tenants, such as allowing them to remain in their rental units despite missed rent payments due to COVID-19.

When drafting a COVID-19 clause, it is important to work with a lawyer experienced in landlord-tenant law. The clause should be specific to the property in question and should take into account any state or local laws that may apply. It should also be written in clear and concise language, so that both parties understand their rights and responsibilities.

In conclusion, a well-crafted COVID-19 clause can provide landlords and tenants with much-needed clarity during these uncertain times. It can help to ensure that both parties are protected and that the relationship remains strong despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. If you are a landlord or tenant, consider consulting with a lawyer to help you draft a COVID-19 clause into your rental agreement.

20 Mar 2023


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