Standing Verbal Agreement

As a professional, I understand the importance of using the right language and phrasing to communicate a message clearly and effectively. So, when it comes to the legal concept of a standing verbal agreement, it`s important to understand how to accurately convey its meaning to readers.

A standing verbal agreement is an agreement between two parties that is not recorded in writing. Instead, it relies solely on the spoken words of those involved. While these types of agreements are legally binding, they can be challenging to enforce and prove in court due to the lack of physical evidence.

However, despite the challenges, standing verbal agreements are still a common occurrence in various industries, including real estate, finance, and business. For example, a business owner may agree to provide a service to a customer verbally, and the customer may agree to pay for that service without a written contract.

One of the significant advantages of standing verbal agreements is their flexibility. They can be made quickly and informally, making them ideal for situations where a written agreement is not practical or necessary. They are also beneficial when establishing a good working relationship between parties, as they rely on trust and communication.

However, it is important to note that standing verbal agreements have limitations. In case of a dispute, proving the existence and terms of such an agreement can be difficult. Therefore, it`s recommended that parties reduce any important agreement to writing to reduce the likelihood of future misunderstandings.

In conclusion, a standing verbal agreement is a contract formed between two parties through spoken words. While they are legally binding, they can be challenging to enforce and prove in court because they lack physical evidence. As a professional, it is crucial to accurately convey the meaning and limitations of a standing verbal agreement to readers.

09 Aug 2023


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