A new shuttle train service between Singapore and Johor Bahru kicked off on Wednesday. The service, called Shuttle Tebrau, is operated by Malaysia’s Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) and ferries commuters between the Woodlands Checkpoint and JB Sentral in just five minutes.

The service was popular with Malaysians, who took advantage of the quicker border crossing to get to work and school here.

Tickets for the first two train services leaving JB Sentral on Wednesday morning – at 5.30am and 7am – were sold out. There are a total of seven trips from Johor and another seven from Woodlands every day. Each trip can carry about 320 passengers.

Secondary 4 student Hew Sin Hui, a Malaysian who studies here, was one of those who took the 5.30am shuttle.

 “Usually I would take the bus, and sometimes there’s a (traffic) jam (on the Causeway). There’s no guarantee I get to school on time,” said the 16-year-old.

Commuters said the shuttle – which costs RM5 (S$1.79) from JB and S$5 from Woodlands – was more efficient than taking the bus, which could take between 45 minutes to over two hours if there was a jam. Shuttle trains leaving from Singapore yesterday morning, however, were relatively empty. On the 6.30am train which The Straits Times took from Woodlands, there were less than 10 passengers onboard.

One of them, freelance photographer Bobby Teh, 68, said: “The train timings are not so good. They only run during the morning and evening peak hours.”

The departure times from Woodlands station are 6.30am, 8am, 9.30am, 5pm, 6.30pm, 8pm and 11pm. From JB Sentral, the trains leave at 5.30am, 7am, 8.30am, 4pm, 5.30pm, 7pm and 10pm.

Mr Teh said the price of $5 was also steep, as he could take a bus for just $2.

Retiree Lee Chee Hua, 64, however, said that taking the train was hassle-free because he could clear both the Singapore and Malaysia immigration counters at Woodlands itself. “There’s also no fear of a traffic jam,” he said.

With the new shuttle service, trains to and from KL Sentral, Butterworth and Gemas – which previously terminated at Woodlands station – will now end at JB Sentral.

Commuters will have to use the Shuttle Tebrau to travel between JB and Singapore.

A 62-year-old Malaysian, who wanted to be known only as Mr Lee, said he took the train from KL at 11pm on Tuesday and was scheduled to arrive at JB Sentral at 6.45am on Wednesday. This would allow him to take the 7am train to Singapore.

But due to a delay, he only arrived at 7.10am, and he had to wait almost 1 1/2 hours to catch the 8.30am service. “KTM must look into the timings, and allow for more time to pick up the passengers on the overnight train,” he added.

31 Jul 2016


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